The Need to Refocus on Dental Care Basics

by MWB News | Thursday, May 5, 2016 | 704 views

Dental Care BasicsPerfecting a smile can become a losing battle if all a patient does is get remedial treatments. No matter how well a dental practice delivers their treatment, their efforts will mean little if the patient does nothing to maintain it. This is the biggest reason most dentists are shifting their focus from direct treatment to preventive education.

Old But Gold

Dental practices, such as Smylife in Manchester, specialise in cosmetic dentistry, and would benefit from more patients looking to correct their smiles. But, even their dentists want patients to take care of their teeth the old-fashioned way, and avoid the dental problems as much as possible.

This is because the overall oral health of a patient has almost nothing to do with what happens within a dental practice. The real difference-maker is what happens inside a patient’s home. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and cutting down on sugary foods sound like a collection of the most boring things you can do. But, they are proven to work.

Back to Basics

Recent studies have consistently shown that the UK is one of the worst developed countries in the world when it comes to dental health and oral health practices. Approximately half of young adults say that they neglect to brush their teeth at least once a day.

This is not good news for an industry whose focus should be on treatments that improve dental health beyond the norm, instead of maintaining the effects of the basics. Dentists are, effectively, becoming babysitters for patients who apparently do not have the ability to care for their own teeth.

This is not a complaint regarding what dentists should and should not do, even though they’re already overworked, but a lament that people are suffering from persistent oral conditions unnecessarily. Nearly every dental and oral ailment is preventable just by sticking to the basics of dental care.

It is time to ensure that everyone realise this important fact, and take an active role in their own mouth maintenance.

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