The Place of Flow Meters in Industrial and Mining Applications

by MWB News | Thursday, Jul 19, 2018 | 100 views

engineers observing pump machineryIn mining, civil construction and mining applications that involve the measurement of fluids, it is always important to keep track of the fluids’ volume that is flowing in the pumping system.

Nonetheless, it is crucial you get your pumps, flow meters and other pumping parts from leading brands to ensure you get quality products that will offer you an extended service life, notes a Selwood pump distributor.

We now take a closer look at that, using the two classes of flow meters.

Displacement Flow Meters

These measure the liquid flow rate in a pipe and work to keep it below the maximum capacity of the fluid chamber. These meters will need you to have a mechanism to analyse and record the data of the rate of flow of the fluids you are using; the most useful of these is the piston mechanism.

With this data, you can analyse correctly the frequency of filling and emptying the fluid chamber.

Velocity Flow Meters

These are helpful in determining the speed at which liquids flow, and convert it into gallons per minute. Over time, the collected data reveals the fluid volume that your pressure system has used.

These flow meters are available as propellers, turbine, magnetic and ultrasonic meters, and they find applications in industrial plants due to their accuracy in determining the rate of flow of the fluids.

Flow meters are useful in measuring fluid volumes in pumping systems. Although the devices vary in design (measuring techniques, size and shape), they all serve to help you determine and optimise the rate at which you want fluids to flow in the pumping systems in your mining, civil construction and mining applications.

However, for extended service life and high and fast return on investment, you will want to get your pumps, and filtration and flow meters from an authorised distributor of leading brands in Australia.

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