Three Factors that Make New Central Air Conditioners a Better Choice

by MWB News | Thursday, Apr 6, 2017 | 437 views

Central Air ConditionerOver the years, window air conditioners have been the most preferred cooling system. The top reason is their relatively low price. They can also be installed with little to no professional help at all. If you are a renter, window AC is your most viable option as well.

In Indiana, an air conditioning service contractor works on the installation, maintenance and repairs of cooling systems. You might not need them that much for a window AC, but you can rely on them for a central air conditioner. If you are about to buy a new unit or upgrade your cooling system, you might want to go for the latest models of central air conditioners for the following reasons.

Energy Efficiency

A quality AC has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. If your cooling system is near the end of its lifespan, you should already look forward to changing it. If your AC is over 20 years, you shouldn’t think twice about replacing it.

Old models are known to use much energy to operate. In contrast, the latest air conditioners are more energy efficient. In fact, the latter only needs 30% to 50% of the power required by the former. This also means lower utility costs.

Double Function

A lot of new air conditioners have dual functions as well. They either come with a natural gas furnace or electric heating coil. These features make them suitable sources of warmth in the winter months. An AC with heating capacity also saves you some space, which you may need for a separate heater.


The best thing about a central AC is the comfort it can offer. It operates with less noise than a window AC. The air it circulates is much cooler as well.

In Indiana, an air conditioning service spares you from the onerous task of installing the central cooling system. You need a pro to do the job, so it will not likely end up working as poorly as the old units. With a professional installation, you are assured that you will only need minor cleanup, checkup or repair.

Nothing can make your home comfortable more than what an air conditioner does. Make sure you choose wisely when it is time to buy a new one. Between window AC and central AC, the latter is more beneficial.

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