Tips for Making Boat Cleaning Easier

by MWB News | Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018 | 186 views

Boat parked in a river houseThe U.S. is blessed with a variety of water destinations, spanning scenic lakes, thrilling rivers, and vast oceans. One of the best ways to make the most of this is to own a boat. While there are several types of boats available on the market today, the pontoon proves to be the ideal model for relaxing boat trips with family and friends. However, as a big investment, owning a boat comes with many responsibilities, one of which is keeping it clean after putting it out in the sun for hours on end.

The following tips will help you ensure that you clean your boat thoroughly:

Get a Boat Cover

A boat cover is a crucial requirement to keep your marine investment in top shape. After removing it from the water and cleaning it for storage, a boat cover will keep it dry and safe from the harsh elements. There are several pontoon boat covers to choose from, so make sure you pick the right model for your boat.

Apply Water Repellent

Wiping off water spots can be a hassle. To prevent water spots from accumulating in the first place, spray your boat, instead, with water repellent designed for fiberglass surfaces. It offers protection against corrosion caused by saltwater and damage caused by the accumulation of algae and shells. Just make sure you get a product that’s safe for marine animals and the environment.

Clean and Wax the Hull

Waxing the hull whenever necessary ensures your boat doesn’t succumb to sun damage. Before you take your boat out in the water, clean and wax the hull first. Make sure you get rid of all the dirt and debris first before applying the wax. Doing this regularly preserves the appearance and value of your boat.

You have to face that cleaning a boat is not exactly a walk in the park. By having the right tools and products in your boat garage or shed, and doing a bit of research, you can make this process much more efficient and enjoyable.

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