Top Destinations For Spring 2014

by Mwbnews | Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 | 664 views
iceland capital

Image by Andreas Tille

As the ice starts to melt and the birds resume their twittering, you realize that spring is already commencing. You might want to spend some time in other places while you wait for the changes at home to complete. Here are some top destinations:


This classic spring-break destination will surely give you a headstart for the coming season. There are many beach resorts lining the maritime borders and warm sunshine to welcome you. For an exotic experience, you may want to try feasting on gator meat.


Visit one of the most peaceful countries in Europe this spring if you want to take a peek at the famous northern lights.One of the most popular attractions in the country  is its charming capital, Reykjavik City.


Another European treat deserves a spot on your list. Feel the crisp air as you make your way through the cobbled roads to visit the Netherlands’ ever famous tulip fields.

Traveling is going to be much more special this spring. Take advantage of the sun and the spring break parties all around.

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