Top Indications that Your Aboveground Storage Tank Needs Immediate Attention

by MWB News | Thursday, Jan 18, 2018 | 226 views

Man pointing a storage tankOne of the biggest benefits you get by installing aboveground storage tanks is that it is much easier to keep an eye out for potential problems and fix them promptly. So, how do you know that the tank needs help? The easiest way, of course, is to have a certified professional conduct an API 653 tank inspection to establish any problems. Here are three other signs of trouble.

The tank legs appear unstable

During tank installation, it is essential that the tank stays secure and level. But with aging, it’s possible for the tank’s legs to become a little shaky. Given that these little legs are supporting both the weight of the tank and that of the oil, it’s important to deal with the problem promptly. Otherwise, you risk the tank toppling over and spilling the fuel all over the yard.

There are signs of rust and dents

When you start noticing rust, wet spots and excessive dents on the body of your tank, know that your tank has started to deteriorate. Call in a tank repair specialist to have the problem fixed. But if the problem seems too extensive and you are starting to notice leaks, now might be the perfect time to start shopping for a new tank.

The tank vent is clogged

Over time, it’s possible for the vent to become clogged by snow, insect nests, twigs, ice, and other debris. While this problem will hardly cause leaks, it can make fumes back up in the tank and into your house. So, invest in screens to prevent debris problems and clean the vent now and then.

Keeping your aboveground storage tank in peak shape is a good way to add more years to its life while keeping the environment healthy. Make it a habit of inspecting the tank and fixing any problems as they arise.

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