Using Warehouse Space Effectively

by MWB News | Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 | 30 views

WarehouseStorage capacity affects a company’s production, consumer demand, production costs and manpower. Many companies need to evaluate the proper use of space in a facility.

Although relocating to a larger warehouse is an option, moving to a new facility is expensive and time-consuming. A company should use the available warehouse space and switch to stillage cages and pallet systems for better space use and efficiency.

Study your Building

Your warehouse space determines the stacking height, column spacing and pallet types you can have in your warehouse. It can affect how much space you can allocate to your products and equipment.

The vertical space of your warehouse also affects the placement of the ventilation and sprinkler system. Aside from this, you should also consider whether you can use double depth stacking without compromising operational efficiency and ease of transport throughout the warehouse floor.


Consider storing your products efficiently by stacking them vertically. The right storage system depends on the requirements of your warehouse or workshop, so make sure you have the right space. You could choose to have stillage cages that are durable and flexible when it comes to vertical space requirements. These shelving options have flexible designs for different products and have a rigid structure, unlike wooden pallets.

These collapsible cages also offer more options for many businesses. These cages can withstand heavier loads, offer better security during product shipment and can also be fitted with wheels in the absence of forklifts.

Double depth stacking can save space as they could be fitted with most standard pallets internally. It is also effective to consider a combined shipping and receiving dock to help save space.

When you have a warehouse, it’s best to consider how to manage space effectively without compromising your products, your staff’s time, and your resources. Find the best storage solution that suits your circumstance so you could optimise the use of space in a practical and cost-efficient manner.

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