Ways to Avoid Accidents by Doing a Racking Pallet Inspection

by MWB News | Friday, Mar 16, 2018 | 190 views

inspector logging notes to computer after pallet rack inspectionWhen not kept in the prime condition, pallet rack equipment can pose a danger to your employee’s well-being. Improper installation and damage may also cause loss of inventory, which can often lead to a business’ downfall. Avoid being put in this situation by having the professionals do racking inspections on your pallets now and then. There are things to take note of during the process, so make sure to continue reading to find out what they are.

Keep an Eye on the Inspections

Keep a close eye on the inspections, as even the professionals can sometimes miss on some things during each project. See if they can check the load beams and uprights, as these are the ones that hold your pallet racks up. Help them look for a bent rack, misaligned row, or leaning verticals, as these things can be potentially dangerous. Ask if there are corrosion and rust present and if your pallets should be replaced with new ones.

Schedule an Inspection at Least Once a Year

Pallet racking inspections should be done at least once per annum. The pallets should be checked for damage and overloading, and especially so if abuse from external damage such as forklifts has been reported. If you want to be sure and safe, regularly contact your inspectors and have them come over for a check now and then.

Hire a Professional

As what we have mentioned earlier, hiring a professional to do the job for you can lift a huge weight on your shoulders. They would know what to look for and how to do the job perfectly, as they have most probably gone through hundreds of inspections during their time. These people are also familiar with the parts of a pallet racking system including the configurations and installation requirements.

Practice these inspections regularly to help keep your employees from possible accidents. Be safe!

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