What is the Difference Between Plasma Cutting and Laser Cutting?

by Fern Devito | Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018 | 129 views

Laser CuttingChoosing between a plasma and laser cutting machine can be confusing since these two are among the most common cutting systems for industrial applications.

Plasma vs. Laser

Those who want accurate and precise cuts should consider laser over plasma, while the latter is a better option for cutting thicker metal sheets. For instance, some plasma systems could cut metals with up to six inches of thickness. However, laser cutting has the edge on energy efficiency for companies that are conscious of their power consumption.

If you’re working with wood, a laser engraving machine can be a good option. This type of equipment is no longer just used in the manufacturing industry. Jewelry companies also find them beneficial for creating customized designs. It also takes a shorter time to complete projects using laser cutting or engraving machines, which means faster product deliveries.

Cost and Safety Aspects

The true cost of owning a laser cutting machine may be a factor for those who choose a plasma system. In case the quality of cut isn’t your priority, you may use a plasma cutter instead. While there are new laser machines that can cut thicker metals, these consume more energy and have a higher initial cost. Some laser machine suppliers offer a leasing option for companies that want to try the tool first before buying one.

In terms of safety, laser cutting machines are generally safer than plasma types. Workers don’t need to be in direct contact with the equipment, as software systems let them operate the machine from a safe distance. On the other hand, companies that use plasma cutters must require their employees to wear protective gear when operating the machine.

The price of equipment shouldn’t be your sole reason for choosing plasma over laser or vice versa, since buying the wrong equipment may cost you more in the long run. Get high-quality machines from a reputable supplier to ensure efficiency and safety.

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