What Makes Stainless Steel Special?

by MWB News | Monday, Nov 27, 2017 | 150 views

stainless steel used in kitchenMost people have at least one stainless steel pot in their kitchen that they use for cooking. But stainless steel goes beyond pots and pans; it is actually a widely used steel type in various industries.

Whilst stainless steel might just be another type of steel, it has unique properties that make people choose it over other types. Stainless steel pipe fittings, as well as stainless steel beams, are just some of the things that it is commonly used for. But what makes it so special and stand out? Read on.

Properties of stainless steel

Steel is generally made up of carbon and iron. But the thing that makes stainless steel unique, aside from these elements plus other types of alloys, is the presence of chromium. At least 10.5% of chromium should be present in order to form stainless steel. This allows the unique characteristics of stainless steel to form.

Stainless steel is known to be presentable, less prone to corrosion and highly durable. It does not require an extra layer of protection, paint or coating because it has “self-healing” properties. This means light scratches can disappear with natural exposure to air and water. Stainless steel comes in different types depending on its usage and purpose.

Uses of stainless steel

These properties of stainless steel make it a popular choice in various industries, such as construction, architecture, as well as the home and kitchen fields.

Some parts of your home are surely made up of stainless steel. The material is commonly used to create water pipes, as it is rust resistant. When it comes to bigger construction projects, such handrails, balustrades, roofing and cladding, stainless steel is also the go-to material. Home kitchen appliances, from the smallest knife to your pots and pans, and even your blender, all have a touch of stainless steel.

These are just some of the reasons stainless steel is quickly becoming the top choice for many industries despite it being more expensive than other types. When you invest in quality, you will get many years (or even a lifetime) of service in return.

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