What’s the Cheapest Car to Insure in the US?

by MWB News | Sunday, Jun 25, 2017 | 380 views

Different kinds of car in a car lotThe Honda Odyssey minivan emerged as the top car brand that is the cheapest to insure in the US for 2017.

If you own a luxury car, check with your insurance provider if they cover certain repairs or services. For instance, you might be better off seeking professional services for a Porsche oil change in New York City or California from auto shops. Formulamotorsports.com gathered information about the most affordable vehicles to insure this year.

Cheap Models

SUVs accounted for almost all of the top 10 most affordable cars that you can insure in the US this year. Jeep types accounted for less than five of the cheapest brands for auto insurance.

For the Honda Odyssey model, you will only need to spend an average annual premium of $1,112, which is an industry-low figure. The annual cost-to-insure rankings listed the vehicle as the most affordable car brand to insure for second straight year.

On the other hand, luxury and sports cars comprised the most expensive cars for insurance. Those who own a V-12 powered Mercedes Benz S65 AMG Cabriolet will need to pay an average annual premium of $3,835 – the highest figure for this insurance class.

Canadian Rules

While some people are willing to insure their high-end cars despite the huge cost, owners of luxury vehicles in British Columbia, Canada, can only apply for private insurance amid rising costs for repairs, according to the Ministry of transportation and Infrastructure.

The arrangement follows the provincial government’s decision in November 2016 to exclude luxury cars for reduced pressure on basic rates for public insurance. It will allow families, particularly those from low-income households, to continue having access to affordable rates.

Vehicle insurance has always been useful especially when you experience sudden problems, so consider the brand when planning your next vehicle purchase to save on insurance premiums.

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