Why Transport Companies are Installing Track Loading Systems in Trucks

by MWB News | Saturday, Jul 14, 2018 | 486 views

truck loadingIn the logistics industry, companies often opt for cost-efficient but effective operating system. The technology used in transporting and managing goods, supplies, and facilities is always changing. Companies are replacing time-consuming conventional manual loading of trucks with new systems that complement the manual systems but also improves the flow of production. Modern trucks and carriers are installed with sunken floor tracks fitted with metal skates. 

This new system eases the hassle of transporting goods and minimises logistics cost. The skate and track system allows one person to pull heavy containers and palettes towards the rear of the trucks for unloading with little force.


Heavy duty automatic machines are not effective in all fields of logistics. The skate and truck system stands in the place of those excesses to serve operators who only have the option of rear loading and those who move manageable quantities of load. This makes this manual system cheap to use with little maintenance with its self-cleaning system. It also maximises the number of goods packed per shipment.

Suitable for Both Pallet and Non-Pallet Goods

The skate and track system operates on rolling skates that have a sunken track that elevates and roll in and out of the vehicle. The sunken track prevents containers from rolling out of the rails enabling the carrying of all types of goods including slipsheets, newspaper rolls, drums, beverages, fast-moving consumer goods, and delicate items, large and heavy machinery.

Eases Loading

The system cuts on time spend as it operates at around 33% times faster than conventional truck loaders with each operator loading up to 3.5 tonnes per minute. The operators also do not have to exert manual force as the system has sliding rollers than ease the movement of goods in and out of the truck. Aldo the track system eases the moving of goods inside the truck, overloading should be avoided to prevent damage.

Greatly Improves Safety

The system has a fail-safe system installed with front and rear safety brakes that protect the operator from getting toppled or injured by the loads and also prevents the damage of the goods. The presence of an operator driving the goods also makes the goods less exposed to damage.

Companies and businesses are always adopting innovative ways of transporting goods. The skate and track system is convenient and reliable for logistic operations. Installing sunken rails into trucks is more reasonable compared to installing costly heavy-duty automatic conveyor systems and conventional loading and unloading systems.

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