Will your smile be your style overhaul this summer?

by Mwbnews | Thursday, May 18, 2017 | 186 views

Girl smilingSome people can spend an incredible amount of money on fashion items that last only a few weeks. They seem to think nothing of splashing out a few hundred pounds each month on things they will wear 2 or 3 times before giving them to a charity shop. With incomes remaining the same while expenses increase, maybe it’s time to think of more long-lasting style improvements, such as investing in cosmetic dentistry treatments. You can transform your smile with treatments ranging from something as simple as in-house teeth whitening to multi-treatment smile makeovers.

As most treatments have long-lasting results, many dentists offer finance plans for cosmetic dentistry. In St John’s Wood, one such reputable dentist is Aura Dental. Here you can pay for membership, which entitles you to a reduction on treatment fees. For example, veneers start at £450 instead of £500, and a single dental implant is £100 cheaper at £899.

Your options

Most dentists offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including:

  • covering discoloured, chipped, cracked, worn or misaligned teeth with porcelain veneers;
  • replacing old amalgam fillings or filling new cavities with white fillings;
  • realigning wonky teeth with fixed, removable or almost invisible braces;
  • balancing the ratio of tooth to gum with gum contouring;
  • replacing lost teeth with cosmetic dentures or dental implants.

Dentists are keen to promote their cosmetic treatments and many offer a free consultation. You can learn a lot from the experts and discover there is a lot more that can be done to enhance your smile than in the past. This is thanks to advances in techniques, materials and treatments.

The benefits

If you do decide to go ahead with cosmetic dentistry, you will discover an array of knock-on physical and social benefits. Most importantly, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, so chances are that you will get to hang on to your natural teeth for longer in life. Secondly, a straighter bite can reduce tension pain the jaw joint and even reduce headaches. On a social well-being level, being able to smile as often and without self-consciousness helps release more natural feel-good chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin.

You can have all of this for the price of a few new wardrobes!

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