Your Guide to Ensuring an Amazing Road Trip in the Philippines

by MWB News | Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018 | 237 views

tourist spot in the PhilippinesOther than through a road trip, there are several ways to experience the stunning beauty of Philippines. Whether you are planning to explore Mt. Pinatubo or are headed to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales, a road trip gives you the opportunity to witness the wonders of the country along the way.

Of course, you’ll need to plan the trip well to have the best experience. shares some tips to help you out.

Rent a van

If you are a foreigner, buying a car to tour the country for a few days may be too expensive. It’s better to rent a vehicle instead. The minimum age requirement to rent a car depends on the agency. A rental gives you the freedom you need to savor what the country has to offer conveniently.

Plan the itinerary early

Your journey from Manila to the other provinces should be smooth, but it’s still important to write down your itinerary if you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest. While your goal is to reach the destination you set out for, there are still several stopovers you can make during the trip. These will make your journey even more exciting.

Carry enough cash

A road trip isn’t the time to skimp. There are many good things to see and experience during your trip. You may also need to stop for food or fuel. So, make sure you have enough cash, or bring a credit and debit card with you. Most establishments on your way won’t have a problem charging your card.

The key to an awesome road trip in the Philippines is careful planning. With a nice ride, well-planned itinerary, and sufficient cash, you can look forward to a fantastic experience in this amazing country.

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